December 05, 2006

Christmas Novelty

Little bit of everything in our first post today. We’ve had lots of novelty posts thus far. Heck, our title comes from a novelty song.

I had a special request for Billy Squire. I really love this song. Is it the best song you’ll find on 77 Santas this season? No, but it might be the most fun. I love hearing this song on the all-Christmas radio station. That bluesy beat and loose style make me want to just crank up the volume.

Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love – Billy Squire

Michigan comedy troupe Da Yoopers have been around for a long time—I remember hearing their classic song (at least in December, on WMRF radio in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania) “The Second Week of Deer Camp.” Some of their humor is rather juvenile, some of it stupid, but I sure have a soft spot for this song. Something about it just reminds me of rural Pennsylvania—maybe it’s the swampers, the IGA, or the chicken wire.

Rusty Chevrolet – Da Yoopers

Where do I start with Ray Stevens? I remember that for my eighth birthday, I received a cassette tape of Ray Stevens Greatest Hits. It had, of course, “The Streak” and “Everything Is Beautiful.” When Christmas time came around, I loved “Santa Claus Is Watching You.” When that chorus comes—my cousin Travis and I used to sing this. Actually, we still sing that deep baritone: “Cause Santa Claus is Watching You.”

Now, there are at least three versions of this song that I know about. A short single version, a longer version, and also a version that includes references to the CIA, wiretapping, and surveillance (it was 1962 when this came out—glad we don’t have to worry about that kind of thing anymore, right? Right?!). I don’t have that version but if anyone out there does, please post it in a comment—I can’t find it anymore.

As for the long and short versions, I have to recommend the long. It’s obvious in the short versions where the tape splices occurred and I can’t imagine why it was trimmed to begin with.

Santa Claus Is Watching You – Ray Stevens (short)

Santa Claus Is Watching You – Ray Stevens (long)

Now, some more adult-themed Christmas tunes. We cater to all audiences here and certainly hope you won’t let the young-uns download these songs—we wouldn’t want to contribute their developing cynicism. These involve sex or diss Christmas. But don’t worry, they’re pretty much PG-13, except “The Read Slim Shady” parody.

Christmas Spirit?? – The Wailers

Horny Christmas – Loo and Placid

Santa on the Roof – Rev. Horton Heat

The Real Slim Santa –

I’ll be back later today with Brenda Lee (finally!) and some country Christmas songs.


Anonymous said...

love, LOVE B. Squire's Christmas work. Takes me back to the days of MTV and the anticipation of who was going to do a x-mas video with all the VJs. Oh Martha Quinn how I adored you, oh Nina Blackwood how your edginess rocked my teenage rebellious spirit and Hey Byran Adams, we're having a reggae christmas, a merry christmas and a reggae new year to you!

Ps. PC, we all miss you down here. Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

shoot. these things expire pretty quickly. 8-(