December 11, 2006

The Silent Majesty of a Winter's Morn

As promised, we are here with the first of many themed posts for the week. We'll kick it off with versions of the classic song of christmas heartache, "Blue Christmas". I plan to post other things today as well. This will be a heavy week of Christmas music, so fasten your seat belts. JV will follow with more today, as well. It's two weeks away...

Ann and Nancy Wilson

Ah, Heart. What a rockin' band. I think their song "Magic Man" is about Santa Claus. Or me. I'm not sure. I'll email them to find out.

Dean Martin

Ah, Dean. You make the whole state of Ohio proud.

Harry Connick Jr.

I heard this version on the radio and I really liked it, which was surprising. I believe he's most memorable, though, for his work on Will and Grace. He's so funny! And aloof!

Jim Reeves

I love songs that take me far, far away from the present. This song does just that. Hands down my favorite version. Eat your peanut butter and banana heart out, Elvis.

Ok, since I'm on a roll, I will add even more to the collective stocking. My Uncle Sweat Tooth, he actually hangs one of his dirty socks on his mantle. His house stinks! The smell of pine can't even defeat it! This post is for my Uncle Sweat Tooth.

Here's a couple duets of the great "Baby It's Cold Outside".

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

More Ella coming in a minute. I love this version because they cut up for a while before getting into the song. The beauty of live performances.

Ray Charles and Betty Carter

Never heard this one before. The file says it's Ella but the file lies.

Ella Fitzgerald: Let it Snow

Ella Fitzgerald: Good Morning Blues

I have this cassette that's a split Nat King Cole/Ella Fitzgerald Christmas album. It's awesome. I remember listening to it in my living room with JV and our friend Pookie. It for some reason caused Pookie to improvise a little rap song. Classic.

Louis Armstrong: White Christmas

Everything great has already been said about Satchmo, but I'd like to add this: He had the greatest set of cheeks to ever grace a human face.

Jackson 5: Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

The drums on this song are SICK! Is there anything that Motown didn't do right?

Arthur Fielder and Boston Pops: Here We Come A Caroling Medley

I listen to this, like, everyday. I LOVE the Boston Pops!

The Ray Conniff Singers: Here We Come A Caroling

This song makes me feel weird.

That Song from The Grinch called Welcome Christmas

Eeerie is my middle name.

Enjoy! Uncle Sweat Tooth, I miss you! See you soon!

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