December 02, 2006

Stocking Stuffers

The big day is coming. I can’t imagine the wall of depression that I’ll hit face first on December 26. As a famous philosopher once said (paraphrasing, of course), in kid-dom, the entire year revolves around Christmas. Yes, I’m 25 and I just bought a Nintendo Wii and I love Christmas music—what’s your point? Tomorrow, I hope to get a Brenda Lee post up. PC and I (well, mainly me) were talking about her great voice today. In the meantime, maybe these tunes will jingle your bells.

Mistress for Christmas – AC/DC

I can see the scene now: all the members of AC/DC are sitting in a room, discussing possible titles for a Christmas song. Someone suggests “Jingle My Bells.” Initially, they’re a little excited but remember “Big Balls” and decide to pass. After the room quiets a bit, the band members deep in thought, someone says, “What about ‘Mistress for Christmas’?” I don’t know if that’s how it went down. No matter what happened, I think that I’m glad that it did.

That Was the Worst Christmas Ever! – Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan loves Christmas. He has continually proven himself as one of today’s most distinct and interesting artists. This year, he released a set of Christmas songs. While it might seem a bit excessive, I’m willing to bet that most sound as great like this.

Silent Night – Tom Waits

Another artist with a new box set out just in time for a holiday gift. Waits singing silent night… well, it isn’t exactly silent. But it’s Tom Waits, what did you expect? PC dedicated his last post to our friend Eric, who is also the biggest Waits fan I know.

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum – Will Glahe and His Orchestra

A German choral version of the classic. Love the weeping fiddles toward the end.

Pee Wee’s Christmas Theme

I thought my cousin Travis might like this one. He’ll certainly remember my childhood adoration for Pee Wee Herman and Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Listening to this again, I can only imagine how my parents must have been driven nuts for a half hour every Saturday morning.

Twinkle Toes – The Crew Cuts with David Carroll and His Orchestra

Merry Christmas Polka – The Three Suns

These were originally posted over at Ernie (Not Bert). I checked this blog this morning—when I just checked again, there is a plethora more of Christmas tunes to listen to. It’s all amazing stuff, be sure to check it out. The story behind this song is listed there. And if you enjoy The Three Suns, check out the site—there is lots more there.


Anonymous said...

rawk!!!1 :D thanks!

Anonymous said...

Christ! How did I miss the Tom Waits? Damn, you guys are good.