December 15, 2006

Santa's Back, Baby!

Sheesh! So sorry for all the hubbub. It's been a terribly long day. I will repost some songs that didn't work, and try to get something else out tonight too if I can. If not, I'll post like a maniac tomorrow!

Canned Heat: Christmas Blues

Harry Simone Chorale: Little Drummer Boy

Grandma got Pummeled

Eddie Money: Everybody Loves Christmas

The Kinks: Father Christmas

Lynyrd Skynyrd: Run Run Rudolph

This weird "Reggae" song I found

Since JV posted the fabulous Christmas Island, I will spare myself. I will follow up soon with an answer to JV's interview questions and with more. Also, if something is expired or not working, tell us what you want to hear! We take requests.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't think the universe wants me to hear Canned Heat -- still can't make that one download . . .