December 11, 2006

If Only In My Dreams

Just a few from me today. I’m working on updating the links on our page—we’ve got so many great Christmas blogs out there. We’ve linked a few in our text but are sadly not blog inclined, no matter how easy Blogger might be. Anyway, if you’re reading this on Tuesday and our links are still blank, you’ll know that we are hopeless.

In the meantime, here’s some more Christmas music. On the local Christmas station the other day, I heard a Beach Boys song that I just to share. I centered this post around them, but some holiday leftovers from PC’s Blue Christmas post from earlier today spilled over as well. Some great tunes all around I think. Enjoy.

Christmas Eve – Teenage Fanclub

Christmas On the Beach – Irene

Merry Christmas, Baby – The Beach Boys

Back Door Santa – Clarence Carter

I'll Be Home for Christmas – The Beach Boys

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – The Mills Brothers

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Sleepington

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Jigsaw Seen

Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley

Blue Christmas – Seymour Swine and the Squealers

The Christmas Spirit – Johnny Cash

Let me close with a plug for IDM, our sister blog. This week, I’m posting my Best Lists of 2006. Today, we focus on movies. Check back throughout the week for television, rediscovered songs, albums, songs, and more. There will be downloads too. After the first of the year, we’ll be updating IDM regularly with music for everyone.

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