December 05, 2006

Sweet Brenda Lee

I’ll follow up PC’s excellent country post tomorrow with some classic country from the 60s—be on the lookout for some Buck Owens and Roger Miller, among others. In the meantime, here’s my promised Brenda Lee post. Lee, under five feet tall, was nicknamed “Little Miss Dynamite” after one of her songs, “Dynamite.” She began recording at 11 and was one of the first teen pop sensations. Her most well-known Christmas song, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” was released in 1958. However, she recorded several Christmas songs, including the other two songs posted here. In 2006, Lee celebrated 50 years as a recording artist. I love all the songs here, but the final one is my favorite.

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Papa Noel

I’m Gonna Lasso Santa Claus

Jingle Bell Rock

Christmas Will Be Just Another Lonely Day


Here are a few other bonus songs from that era.

Sleigh Ride – The Ventures

It starts out as “Walk, Don’t Run” and then nicely segues into a nice, if somewhat straight-forward rendition of the song.

The Bell That Couldn’t Jingle – Burt Bacharach

Burt doesn’t sing on this, but his sound is unmistakable. It’s a great, breezy tune with some nice pop arrangements.

A Christmas Wish – Bobby Goldsboro

I love Bobby Goldsboro. “Little Things” is a fantastic song. This is a little softer but it’s a lovely, sad little song.

This Time of Year – Brook Benton

This is just beautiful.

Gee Whiz, It’s Christmas – Carla Thomas

I tried to find something bad about this song. It’s got that great girl group sound. It’s about Christmas. Yep, that makes it a classic in my book.

Late coming to 77 Santas? Something you’d like to hear again? Or for the first time? Drop a comment and we'll do our best. Keep checking. If you like us thus far, wait until next week; you ain't seen nothing yet.


Anonymous said...

County rocks, but do you have any punk rock christmas tunes, other than the Ramones we heard? I love the blink 182 song "I won't be home for christmas," it's so catchy.

Anonymous said...

thanks for all this, this is fast becoming one of my favorite xmas blogs.

re: brenda lee, i got a while back an album called "here's brenda lee." it is an excellent album, not many of her well-known songs but all very pizazzy. highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

This blog is really great! I was so happy to find it. I love the songs you've been putting up, but I do have a couple of requests that will absolutely complete my ultimate Christmas mix:
Jose Feliciano - Feliz Navidad
-How can you not jump up and dance when you hear this clasic?
Bing Crosby - Mele Kalikimaka
-It just makes Christmas in the midwest seem a little warmer.
Anything from the John Denver and the Muppets Christmas album would be pretty awesome too...

Thanks for all of the great tunes and helping to make my season merry and bright!!!

thehauntedtooth said...

Thanks! Feliz Navidad and The Muppets are coming up! You can find Meli Kalikimaka on a previous post. Check the archives. Have you been naughty or nice? The answer to this will determine a reposting of the Bing classic!

Anonymous said...

I've been nice, I swear!

Obviously I've not been reading things in order, because I just found this commentary question. I must have skimmed the rest of the blog too fast as well, since I missed the original posting for Meli Kalikimaka.
Again, thanks for all of the great music. I've been downloading stuff all day. Some of the classic country Christmas songs have really brought back memories. Oh, and the info you have going along with so many of the songs is great too!