December 03, 2006

"Eddie: The Christmas Episode"

During college, some friends came up with a television sitcom called “Eddie” about the life of Eddie Veddar. Each week, Eddie would struggle to keep the rest of the band in line. We imagined it in the vein of 80s sitcom--right around 8:23 p.m., the special music would play as Eddie or another character learns the lesson of the week, just like in "Full House." And you know, as I think back on it, I’m still smiling about it all. Those were fun times—and we didn’t even do drugs…that much. Thank God we still don’t make up fake names or television shows or movies that go by the name of “Mountain Motherf*ckers” (long story, don’t ask)--wait, we still do this. Maybe one day we’ll get around to filming the pilot of “Eddie” for network.

In the meantime, you’ll have to make do with a trio of Pearl Jam Christmas song. I won’t go into how obsessed I am with this band or how much I love them. I’ll just say that I love them a lot. If you join the Ten Club, you get Christmas singles every year (on vinyl, which PC should love!). Sometimes the songs are about Christmas, sometimes not. But they’re always worth listening to. In fact, Heather, who runs a freaking awesome blog, posted all the Christmas singles. A few of them appear on Pearl Jam’s Lost Dogs compilation. Since SeveredHands hasn’t posted anything on 77 Santas yet, I’ll say that this post is for him. I’ll see him in two weeks and we will, no doubt, listen to Pearl Jam at full blast.

What? You want me to direct you toward just one? The Sonics cover, “Don’t Believe In Christmas” is fantastic. DL it, crank it, rock to it around the Christmas tree (don’t worry Brenda Lee, I’m getting to your post!).

Don’t Believe In Christmas – Pearl Jam

Let Me Sleep – Pearl Jam

Someday at Christmas – Pearl Jam

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