November 27, 2007

Red in the Face

Okay, how many of you are experiencing problems with this blog? PC pointed out that he was seeing red, red, red everywhere. While it looks okay on my computer, I’m not quite sure what the dillio is, though using out-of-date terms like dillio certainly don’t help anything. This is a first for us, so any of you techno-savvy folks who have a clue, we’d certainly appreciate a tip or two. But suffice it to say, the elves in Santa’s workshop aren’t happy. It's especially sad because I just got a fine Christmas collection in the mail today. Thanks mom!

Until I figure out what’s going on—and perhaps it’s fine now, I have no idea—I’m only doing one song today.

They Say It’s Christmas Day – Anne McCue


Heather said...

Hi, yeah it's coming up red for me too, and the links only show up with I go over them with the cursor... They still work just fine though, and thanks for the Fats Domino song!

Anonymous said...

Have been enjoying your blog, but man, am I seeing Red! (not figuratively but literally!)
Some/no graphics show, and hunting for the links is like an easter egg hunt. I thought it was just me.

The little I know about html color code is that a six digit code preceeded by # represents a color and lo, somewhere near the top I see:
{background: #D01A31 .....

now check this link out:

enter D01A31 in the box titled HTML Color: (square in the middle of the Color Wheel box) and hit return and you should see a beautiful shade of
77 SANTAS Red pop up right next to it!

If you can access your code, change that to #FFFFFF (white)
This should, could or might not alleviate your problem.
Then again I might just not know what the heck I'm talking about (it's been years since I took an html class and do not have my own innerweb site).

G'luck and keep up the good posting!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, everything looks o.k. on my screen.

Anonymous said...

works fine on my screen. using firefox in case its a browser thing

aquaboy said...

Looked broken all day yesterday but back to normal now.

Anonymous said...

I blame the Yule Goat!

thehauntedtooth said...

I think it's back to normal today!!! This seems to be what everyone is saying and that is the case on my (work) computer too! I'll check when I get home. Thank you everyone for letting us know.
Hilarious, Bred.
Look out. Songs a-comin!
PC (speaking for JV too, which I don't think he will mind. If he does, well, tough shit)