November 06, 2007

Spendin’ New Year’s Eve in the Clink

A bone-chilling night in Central Virginia. Gloves and a wool hat aren’t doing the trick on trips outside. But nothing warms me up like some Christmas tunes. So, without any more introduction, here’s the second post of the day.

Christmas in Jail – The Youngsters
Ah, makes you wonder how many celebrities will be spending the holiday the same way. I count two! Learn this lesson if you haven’t already: don’t drink and drive.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – The Mills Brothers
Beautiful harmonies and a nice laid-back style.

O Holy Night – The Green Pajamas
This is one of those 90s bands no one seemed to ever care about. But they’re well worth checking out. They bring to mind Mazzy Star and The Posies—shoe-gazing pop.

Let Me Sleep – Pearl Jam
A 1991 fan club Christmas single, including in their excellent B-side collection Lost Dogs.

Silent Night – Huey “Piano” Smith and the Clowns
This version is anything but silent—it’s the rockingest rendition I’ve ever heard. Just try to not turn this down.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I like the Green Pajamas.

Though I'm a tiny bit partial to "The Carolers' Song".

More about me said...

This is wonderful! I'm a connoisseur of holiday tunes, especially unusual and old tracks! Thank you! I look forward to your posts!