December 05, 2006

Country Christmas (Part One)

I was never the biggest fan of country music--I tolerated it when I heard it and I was fully aware that most of what I listened to (then and now) owed its existence to country music (which is my blanket term for bluegrass, gospel, etc.). Still, I just never got into it. That was until I met Jake, a dear buddy of both JV and myself. Jake is the epitome of country music--he's the food, the tears, the laughs, the stories... As time went by, Jake, JV, our other good friend Chris and I would spend many, many nights on the porch listening to this great music, downing beers, sharing laughs, and, deep in the backs of ourselves, wallowing in whatever sadness any of us was dealing with at the time (like anyone else, only we're stoic, old, crochety men). And now, thanks to a few shopping sprees and some excellent mix cds from my boys, I'm a (still developing)country music buff. I should make it clear that artists like Brad Paisley and Gretchen Wilson aren't really our bag. So, this is for Jake, and my boys, and all the great times. Who knew so much excellent Christmas music was out there!? JV will follow this up with even more. Enjoy. Here's the songs. Ladies first, of course. PC

Loretta Lynn:

Country Christmas

It Won't Seem Like Christmas

Dolly Parton:

Winter Wonderland

Hard Candy Christmas

Reba McIntire: Away in a Manger

Merle Haggard: If We Make it Through December

Johnny Cash: The Little Drummer Boy

Willie Nelson: Pretty Paper

Dwight Yoakam: Santa Claus is Back in Town

Elvis: I'll Be Home for Christmas

Bill Monroe & his Bluegrass Boys: Christmas Time's a-Comin'

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Anonymous said...

Don't know if you guys know this one, but Del is one of the best ever. This is a track from 74. I bought this album My Dixie Home because it was s'posed to be one of his better records. It's ok. Strangely enough, this song always gets stuck in my head, any time of year. But like I was saying, it doesn't exactly 'sound like xmas.' You guys are really doing a great job. Last time I'll say this, but it's going to be the best xmas (musically) ever.

Del McCoury Call Collect On Christmas

(feel free to delete comment, couldn't find your contact)