December 06, 2006


Well, we're getting requests, and since we're here to please, this little post is for Brooke. Sorry so short, just want to get the songs out there!

Jose Feliciano: Feliz Navidad

I've been waiting to put this classic up! When we were younger, my brother, sister, and I made up our own lyrics. They were: "These peas make me faht". Sadly, I haven't matured much since then.

John Denver and the Muppets: The Twelve Days of Christmas

I just heard this for the first time this past week. Not really sure how it happened.

Bonus Tracks!

Etta James: Merry Christmas Baby

Sometimes you find a song out there, and all you can say is OOOOOOOH!

Lou Monte: Dominic the Donkey

Not sure if I've already posted this one or not, but what the hell!

JV should be along with the second part of the country christmas post. Our semesters are both coming to an end, so look out!


Anonymous said...


You guys are the best! I hope Santa knows just how nice you've been and brings you everything you've ever wanted for Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Wait, I have another comment after reading the post more thoroughly.
You just heard the John Denver and the Muppets version of the 12 Days of Christmas for the first time last week????? It's worth it just for Piggy's "Fiiiiive Golden Riiings." You really need to hear the whole album "A Christmas Together". Seriously, it's a classic! I had the LP when it first came out. After I wore that out, I got the cassette tape and wore that out. The most readily available cd version of it is edited and omits 2 of the best songs, which is a real shame. One of the missing songs is Rowlf the Dog's version of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," which always makes me cry. Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem's excellent version of "Little Saint Nick" (with Animal yelling RUN RUN REINDEER) is also missing. Anyway, personally, if I could only listen to on Christmas album for the rest of my life, it would be this one.
Thanks Again!!

Oh, and I love your alternate lyrics for "Feliz Navidad"!!

Anonymous said...

I've recently moved to Rhode Island and this is the first year I've ever heard the song "Dominic The Donkey." And I've heard it. And I've heard it. And I've heard it. And boy, is it rating as the worst Christmas song ever!!! IMO, anyways.
Thanks for the great blog, keep it up!!!

JV said...

Dominic seems much more popular in the north. I know that it's a Christmastime staple in Pittsburgh, PA. I hear it some in North Carolina--perhaps it's popularity is spreading? Thanks for reading!